I don’t know if it’s me alone but all I see on Facebook and Instagram constantly are ads for a website called zaful which is basically just another online clothes shopping site the clothes they have look really good but they are cheap so I was always as if It was just a waste of money they would be poor quality clothes Crepey blah blah blah but the ads like they were watching me chasing me I couldn’t get away from them until one day I gave in I will review my purchases and let you know if it was a waste of money or if it was a good bloody deal.

So I bought a hoodie and a T-shirt I obviously wouldn’t buy piles of clothes for the money but just wanted to try one of each Hoodie and T-shirt just to test their quality and if they were good I’d buy more.

So the shirt was 45 and the shirt was $30 and the $30 shirt isn’t particularly cheap but the forty-five hoodie is a bargain so the grand total was about seventy-five dollars but you can literally just get zaful discount codes from google and easily get 10 to 10 off 20 discounts.

So after the discount, my group came to 60 plus 5 for delivery but 65 for the shirt and hoodie is pretty good anyway let’s try it bloody right off the bat the packaging is really good it just doesn’t come as bad as just a crepe pie.

It’s not a crap having a bit of zip and then pulling it off and here it’s okay why is that so far this is so far it should be like here I don’t really like the sleeves to be honest it’s like it hits your armpit as much as it should To be a little looser and not too loose but a little I can roll up the sleeves to see if that makes any difference ok.

So the sleeves are folded up I feel like they look a little better as if they didn’t have this it would be a lot better or at least if it was if we just throw it out it would be cool I don’t mind going back I don’t mind the fit is very good.

I can only feel the design on my back and it’s uncomfortable but you know what you can handle I guess but that’s just wrong everything about this is wrong moving on to the hoodie now it’s all right, first thoughts about the jumper are so fluffy as if He was so skinny as here, I feel like that doesn’t feel bad.

Anyway, keep watching the video and below the video, you will see the best offers on the Zaful website:

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