Why You Shouldn’t Update Your Nvidia Shield To Android 11 (Experience 9.0.0)

Why You Shouldn’t Update Your Nvidia Shield To Android 11 (Experience 9.0.0)

Hello everyone again and welcome back, I have seen a lot of posts about Nvidia shield being updated to experience 9.0 which is Android 11.

And I must say I hear a lot of comments and I also see a lot of comments about people having issues after the update but let’s get my update see how it goes so first of all what I will say is that I haven’t used my Nvidia shield for a long time at present.

I will update on the 2017 version but what I will ask is if you commented on the update below what problems you have or what experience you have then anyone can watch this video and wonder if it will update.

Searching in the comments section and seeing if it was really worth it for them when I first ran the shield I didn’t really see a notification that was actually for my external storage but if I go into settings and go to system upgrade and check update What you’ll see has started to update to the new update now and it’s a big file I think around 1 GB and it took about 20 minutes to do it fully.

But we won’t be sitting here for long to show you the update so let’s jump to it properly done and once I’m done I’ll see it come in, as usual, there are no actual changes regarding the interface but one thing I will say is when it looks like I’m back on the remote it takes Its been a long time to pair up and start working now I don’t know why this is and I don’t know if this is a 100 thing about the update but I have to wait a while for this other thing I’ve also noticed is one of the main things people use Nvidia shields for streaming apps or Emulators now.

The sideload launcher was an app that allowed us to quickly access application files that we couldn’t add to the home screen, but now if you click on sideload then you will all see that the application is made for an older version of android and may not work properly now it seems that You can still use it but that’s only turned on is among the things I’ve seen mentioned a lot and many people are wondering if it will start affecting apps on this device.

Another thing I’ve seen mentioned a lot is about external storage now a lot of people are adding hardware external storage to Nvidia shield whether it’s for ROMs emulators, movies, tv shows, and things like that but now I’ve tried it with my own.

I don’t seem to be able to access it anymore, and I don’t know why that’s another thing for you We can also look at that if we go into settings and go to remotes and accessories we’ll see we have shield accessories that I never knew actually showed the battery level On the remote control which is great here probably shows all the time.

If I scroll down what has been added is disconnecting Bluetooth accessories on sleep now both are turned off so I can’t figure out why there is a problem with the remote another thing is they added the new update if we go to google play store fan then We go searching and this should happen inside all the apps that you will see at the top of the keyboard.

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There is a microphone which means whatever app you use to be able to write and search you’re going to be able to use your voice too that might be something useful for a lot of people another thing I’ve seen mentioned a lot also about plex a lot of people are seeing issues with this after doing the update so if I was a plex user I will wait for now if we go to this website here you will see what’s new in 9.0 it will tell you a little bit about it and I will leave a link with the description below if you want to go and check it out for yourself but you will see that you have some new or upgraded apps right Now.

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