Vultr Hosting Review 2022: Comments from experts and users

Vultr Hosting Review 2022: Comments from experts and users

What is Vultr?

Vultr Hosting Review 2022

Vultr is a global web hosting company that includes a large customer service team that provides you with the best stable service throughout your monthly or annual subscription and also offers you various cloud services.

This company provides multiple packages to suit all categories, whether an independent individual at the beginning of the business or a large company, where it provides you with hosting starting from 2.5 dollars. In this article, I will look at what Vultr offers you and what its disadvantages and advantages are.

Vultr 2022
Vultr Hosting Review 2022

What should I expect from VULTR?

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Vultr provides high-performance SSD servers with very high speed and they aim to create a more reliable and efficient service to unleash SSD cloud servers for all packages. It provides you with the latest generation of Intel processors on a feature-rich control panel. You can choose from 14 sub-domains around the world and get a cloud server instance in less than a minute.

Vultr 2022 :Explanation of getting RDP/VPS with free credit up to $100 from Vultr

It offers you the cheapest Vultr cloud hosting plan at 5.00 per month. Sign up for Vultr and they will add $5 to your account to try out their cloud hosting platform.

Information about the company:

Vultr is one of the most famous hosting services that was founded by David Aninowski in 2014, and the team behind Volter was also the brains of both Choopla and GameServers so this team has a lot of experience in this field that exceeds 15 years so it is one of the most recognized brands Trusted business in this field.

VULTR Pros and Cons:

I’ll start with the pros and cons to get you a rough idea of ​​what’s on offer in this article.

vultr hosting features:

The cloud structure of the site is very powerful and fast

The site provides you with a wide range of plans to suit all people in terms of performance and pricing

It has global data centers across 4 continents

Provides you with SSD storage

Provides easy payment methods

Your account is calculated on the basis of every hour you consume and this will save your money greatly

Availability of a large support team and various means of communication

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Cons of vultr hosting:

Hosting may not be suitable for beginners directly

No live chat on site or phone support

There is no flexibility in the payment date as there are no grace periods

When you compare the negatives with the positives, you will find that they do not represent anything and that they are one of the best hosts on the Internet, so continue reading, as we will talk about many points in detail.

Free Trial, Pricing Method, and Support:

If reading about the above features does not impress you, then perhaps when you try it yourself for free it will convince you that at the moment Vultr is offering its new customers a free $5 bonus to try its services.

Vultr user plans:

Vultr’s pricing plans are implemented on an hourly basis, which means you only pay for what you use. However, there is a monthly limit of 28 days where the maximum number of hours in any month is 672 hours.

And with a variety of ten plans available, the platform is ready to meet all needs. The most popular plan provides one CPU, but users can have up to 24 CPUs. As well as 1000 GB bandwidth and 1024 MB memory, which is more than enough for most users. However, you see there are bigger packages where you find the rates go up to 15,000 GB and 65,536 MB respectively.

The following table shows the different Vultr packages, the difference between them, as well as their prices, whether monthly or hourly.

Storage (SSD) CPU Memory Scale Price / Month Price / Hour

  • 10 GB 1 512 MB 0.5 TB $2.50 $0.004
  • 10 GB 1 512 MB 0.5 TB $3.50 $0.005
  • 25 GB 1 1024 MB 1 TB $5.00 $0.007
  • 55 GB 1 2 GB 2 TB $10.00 $0.015
  • 80 GB 2 4 GB 3 TB $20.00 $0.030
  • 160 GB 4 8 GB 4 TB $40.00 $0.060
  • 320 GB 6 16 GB 5 TB $80.00 $0.119
  • 640 GB 8 32 GB 6 TB $ 160.00 $ 0.238
  • 1280 GB 6 64 GB 10 TB $320.00 $0.476
  • 1600 GB 24 96 GB 15 TB $ 640.00 $ 0.952

Vultr also offers dedicated Storage Services (VLS) and Cloud Services (VDS). And you should know that there is a high degree of flexibility that makes it possible to design a package to suit individual needs.

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Vultr Customer Support:

Vultr is spread all over the world so they must have a great customer service team and that is really what it is as you can contact the customer service team directly via email, tickets from within the site or social media. You can find many FAQs and helpful guides on their website.

In addition to in-house support, there is also an active online community that can be very useful for developers of all levels of experience.

Control Panels and Applications:

Clients manage their hosting through an attractive web-based dashboard. Users can easily start and restart servers, create new images, and reinstall the entire operating system from them.

You can also perform domain management and other things without accessing the console, such as restarting the system, without logging out, as can happen with an SSH system.

The dashboard also allows users to access support, billing, affiliates, and account status. And they can see their CPU usage, bandwidth usage.

Apps, Mobile Apps and Access Controller:

The dashboard is also available as a mobile app, so customers can check their servers on the go. This is also useful for corporate maintenance clients as they can access and diagnose server issues remotely, even when they are not near a computer.

The control panel also provides console access, which allows administrators to use the command line to perform out-of-band tasks while being logged in.

Vultr also has a number of popular applications that can be installed in one click, such as Drupal, Docker, and WordPress. This saves users a lot of time to install these applications from scratch.

private networks:

Vultr also allows for regional private networks for a single account where a client can have a web proxy on the front end and several computer servers behind it so logically it would look like their own network from which they sell to other clients even though they are hosted with another company. And each server can have multiple IPv4 addresses, with the option to support IPv6.

Vultr also has the advantage of sharing the client’s IP address, which means that the client can use their own IP addresses with Vultr.

Register on Vultr:

You can register on the Vultr website through this link “Click here” and get the starting bonus of $ 5 so that you can try the hosting before starting the total purchase. As much as possible


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