gold price in Egypt today, Monday 28-2-2022

The gold price in Egypt today

The price of gold in Egypt today 2022, Whatever we talk about gold And its value to the people, we will not give it its right. Gold, as everyone knows, its name alone is enough. It is already rich in the definition.

Gold in the life of human beings in the past has been included in everything since the era of the Pharaohs. We found golden coffins, statues, gold pots, gold ornaments, and others.

Trade in the barter system and in our modern age you find gold In the network of the bride and the gifts of lovers, and gold is of great importance in the economies of countries, as it is concentrated as a safe economic reserve in the central bank, and the more the golden reserve increases, the state will be economically strengthened.

The price of gold in Egypt is now in the goldsmith’s shops

Recently, we have noticed a lot of searching for gold prices in Egypt Due to the many daily changes in prices, and now we present to you a daily report on gold prices in Egypt, and the topic will be updated 24 hours a day, God willing, in continuous follow-up.

Update gold prices today 2022

Today 2022, gold prices witnessed stability in the price, as the price of 21 karat gold reached 770 pounds, and we continue with you to follow up on gold prices in Egypt, moment by moment, through our website Today’s prices.

The price of gold now in Egypt

Unit The price of a gram of gold in Egyptian pounds
24 . caliber 945 EGP
22 . caliber 857 pounds
21 . caliber 695 pounds
18 . caliber 709 pounds
14 caliber 542 pounds
12 . caliber 470 EGP
ounce 31,242 EGP
gold pound 6616 pounds
gold kilo 1,004,571 EGP

The price of gold workmanship in the goldsmith’s shops today

Workmanship varies gold From one place to another, according to the caliber of gold, and from one place to another, and even from one governorate to another. The value of workmanship and stamping on a single gram of gold ranges from 30 to 60 pounds.

And an important question remains in the minds of many, is gold still safe savings and the optimal investment for the owners of money? We say yes, gold will forever remain the best investment and preservation of money and safety from market fluctuations and economic crises, and despite the significant rise in gold prices, However, the golden bride network is still to this day a great value for engagement, and golden gifts between husbands and lovers are still the highest value and the most important communication.

Update: Gold prices today 2022, moment by moment.

Gold prices today in Egypt, with the workmanship. Through this paragraph, we will follow up with you on the latest updates on gold prices in Egypt around the clock, and we will provide you, moment by moment, with the new prices and any updates that occur on gold prices.

Update the gold price in Egypt today, witnessed Gold price in Egypt today Continuing to rise, reached 21 karat gold price In Egypt today, an amount 777 Egyptian pounds, and we recall that 21. caliber It is the most common caliber in Egypt.

while reached 24 karat gold price per gram In Egypt an amount 888 Egyptian pounds, and amounted to gold pound price in Egypt 6212 Egyptian pounds.

It is worth noting that all the gold prices in the article are updated on a daily basis, according to the latest updates of gold prices in Egypt within the various Egyptian markets.

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