Snapchat will let users share their real-time location with friends

Snapchat introduces a feature to share your physical location

Snapchat has launched a new “Friend System” feature, which allows users to share their real-time location with a friend, for up to eight hours.

The tool, similar to that of Whatsapp, allows users to share their real-time location with a chosen friend for 15 minutes, an hour, or eight hours.

A Snapchat spokesperson explained: “This is a first of its kind feature for Snapchat, which we have built based on feedback from our community about how they use Snap Map with their friends.”

And since 2017, Snapchat has given its users the option to share their location with their friends on Snap Map – a tool used by more than 250 million users.

The new tool will allow users to share their real-time location with a chosen friend for a period of between 15 minutes and eight hours.

Snapchat explained: “We created this feature with many safety-related elements, such as instant activation and intentional activation so that Snapchatters can share their location in an instant, with only individual friends, and there is no option to send their real-time location details with all their Snapchat friends.”

To activate the feature, users must have mutual friendship with the chosen friends, which means that both parties must accept each other as friends on the app.

Meanwhile, users can choose to deactivate the feature at any time, should they not want to share their real-time location.

And if you want to share your live location with a friend, just open the Snapchat app and tap on the chat icon at the bottom of the screen, then tap and hold on the name of the friend you want to share your live location with, and tap View Friendship.

Under Snap Map, tap Share my live location, a pop-up will appear reminding you that the tool is only for trusted friends and family – if you’re happy to go ahead, tap Sounds Good, then you’ll be asked to choose how long you’d like to share your live location – 15 minutes, one hour, or eight hours.

Your friend will then be able to track your live location! If at any time you want to stop sharing, just open the chat with them and click Stop Sharing.

The buddy system comes shortly after Snapchat announced that it is finally allowing users to change their username on the app.

Your Snapchat username is set when you first create your Snapchat account, and so far it remains unchangeable for security reasons.

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