Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation Review & Prices

Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation Review & Prices

Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation Review

Hello everyone and welcome to our site Silvooor In today’s article I will be reviewing this foundation hereby Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation which is known to be one of the best foundations on the market

I am going to review essel foundation for double wear out loud tell all about this price I bought my color what I think of this if it is good or if not and also a wear test so if you want to know everything keep watching first I’m going to start telling some info about the foundation and the first will be where I bought it and the price, so I bought my dual wear SLR on Primor and it cost me 26 euros and 90 cents.

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So it was the lowest price I found on the internet and I was like I needed to buy it and test it because such a foundation is one of the most famous in the makeup world and everyone talks about wonders about this product so I wanted to try it for a while but I haven’t done it yet and now we have it here they say here in the package it’s strength This 24-hour proven sink looks fresh and flawless.

Resistant and lasts through heat and humidity It’s medium to full coverage and has a matte finish and won’t clog pores The oil-controlling skin has been tested Fragrance-free and fragrance-free It has an SPF 10 which is good I’ve already applied my sunscreen B on my face but it’s good to have more protection, he also says no caking and no fine lines from the pores that don’t stick and don’t cause acne.

It’s a synthetic fragrance-free liquid foundation, it’s also gluten-free and free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, giant alcohols, mineral oils, and animal-derived ingredients Sounds good for me to test

I’m really excited because I already told you I wanted to try this for a little while and I haven’t yet but now it’s time so I’m really excited This is the packaging if you don’t know this foundation It’s very beautiful and very simple it’s like opaque glass and it’s like everything is written on it Also it has gold so it is very beautiful It is a very beautiful foundation Very simple but very beautiful so this foundation does not have a pump You can also buy one but I didn’t so my color is 2w1 which is dawn I don’t know if this will be a color its good to me as I see samples and I was like this looks good to me but as if i bought it on the internet sometimes its hard to tell if this color or that color is good for us.

I leave you with all the details in this next video:

ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR FOUNDATION | Review, First Impressions + 12h Wear Test | Best foundation?

Best Prices Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation

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