best fake airpods of 2022: Top Fake AirPods

best fake airpods of 2022: Top Fake AirPods

The best knockoff AirPods and AirPods Pro in 2022

There are many cloned Airpods, such as I7, I8, i9…most of them look alike like Airpods. Some models with almost the shape of Airpods. These models do not have the quality of the original earphones earbuds. They just have the same appearance. With the success of AirPods 2 and the arrival of the upcoming AirPods 3, we can consider that Apple has done an excellent job. Almost everyone wants to buy AirPods, but what’s the problem? It is very expensive! Everyone can’t afford to pay more than $150 on a headset. Here is a list of the best fake Airpods.

Thanks to the fame that precedes them, fake Airpods abound in Chinese stores such as AliExpress or Gearbest. It is then possible to get cheap AirPods. Although this is true, you should look very carefully. Chinese manufacturers release new versions almost every week, and I would say they are the same versions but with different names.

Fake AirPods otherwise known as Replica Airpods, imitate and similar look like Apple Airpods and have almost the same features that come with real Airpods.

What is the best replica of AirPods?

These are some of the fake headphones that have a great similarity to Apple’s AirPods.
1.Airpod Pro Knockoff
2.i90000 PRO
3.i5000 TWS
4.i50000 TWS
5.i9000 TWS
6.i30000 TWS

1- Airpod Pro Knockoff

Separate use of the left earphone and the right earphone, without any audio interruption or cutting from the headphones.
smart ear sensor
Wireless charging support
The shape of the battery is almost identical
touch control
Enhanced bass/sound quality
Cyber ​​Bass
Turn on automatically
turns off automatically
Binaural calls
Previous song, next song
Music time 4.5-5 hours
voice control
third generation
Without noise-canceling feature
Very satisfied with the product It looks great, the sensors work perfectly as if they were original.

2- i90000 PRO

The i90000 TWS super poppy Pto is a replica of AirPods. It does include the ability to change the name on Android devices (configure Bluetooth), although I thought, before buying it, that it would also do that on iOS.

It also provides high and low volume control via the touch area by moving your finger. A functionality not offered by Apple.

Other important features to consider are wireless charging, real battery display (pop-up), or compatibility with iPhone 11 and the new version of iOS.
There is also the smart sensor for play/pause by removing the AirPods from the ear.

The battery is good and lasts enough. They look luxurious and are extremely comfortable. With a pop-up screen excellent clean sound, high-quality audio, everything works fine.

New features:

sliding volume adjustment
reverse magnetic cover
Shipping box weight
Connection When the cover is opened, no need to take the earphones out of the case.
Even Android Opens the lid to search for the Bluetooth name to connect!
Smart ear sensor.
Music time 3.5-4 hours
QI wireless charging
Watch the battery charge status.
Separate use of the left earphone and the right earphone.
HD MIC is better than i200 i500 i5000 TWS.
1: 1 replica in size.
Press control like the original.
Enhanced bass/sound quality.
super bass
Turn on automatically
Speak automatically
Binaural calls
Previous song, next song
voice assistant

3- i5000 TWS Replica airpod (replace i90000 Pro)

In search of the perfect clone of the popular Apple AirPod, we have found a large number of models. Of course, we are sure we have tried everything. Some are better than others, and as they doubled down, they included exciting news. Some have features that Apple headphones don’t have.

The replica i5000 TWS AirPods has proven functional and stable. All functions work perfectly.

The sound is good – the bass is there but not a miracle. The smart sensor works very well.

I didn’t notice anything wrong, and their design is very similar to AirPods.

4- i50000 TWS

In almost the same form, as the replica i90000 two airpod, the i50000 wireless AirPods appeared. They share almost the same specifications. That is, there is practically no difference.

They have a proximity sensor through which the earbuds detect when they are in or out of the ear and, as a result, pause or play the music. Also, the possibilities for customization are enormous because there are more and more instances of AirPods cloning (in this model as in others).

5-i9000 TWS Bluetooth Earphone Version

Although the i9000 TWS Bluetooth earbuds are not the latest in this ranking, I consider them to be the most popular. Many see it as a similar and super-perfect version; However, due to the lack of time between some models, many people do not plan to buy more. I love them but if I were I would have chosen the i5000 TWS better.

The quality of the i9000 TWS replica airpod is good and the animation also. The sound is good, of course not the same as the original wired headphones. When talking on the phone, the interlocutor does not hear well, and the microphone may not be good. Your money is worth it.

6- i30000 TWS Bluetooth Headset

The i30000 TWS Bluetooth headphones are not a panacea, but the right one. However, they have become a cheap alternative to airpod, it is very good, just like AirPod and works very well.

It also offers wireless charging or enough autonomy to listen to music all afternoon or the typical popup showing the original battery.

This fake AirPod is used separately, and its price does not exceed $ 31. What can you expect for a product that costs up to 5 times less than the original?

7-i10000 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

As you can see, this is more sellers’ style than new products. The i10000 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are very similar to the i9000 version. Moreover, many believe that it is fake, that is, it is false. However, since many sellers are offering it for sale, we decided to give it a try. Wireless charging, separate use, pop up with real battery, 3 to 4 hours battery life, and proximity sensor

They are amazing. I am really impressed with its quality at the moment. I will buy others without a doubt they look great and the sensors work just fine. No complaints at the moment.

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